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  • Seaside Hideaway Frequently Asked Questions!

    You're the newest resident of Seaside Hideaway, a sleepy, windswept ocean town. As the city planner, you'll need to create a thriving tourist attraction and build population to restore Seaside Hideaway. Experience stories of town's landmarks and history told through Hidden Object Scenes. By completing each story, you will earn money and special decoration items to improve and grow Seaside Hideaway!
    Q: How do I play Hidden Object Scenes?
    1. To play a Hidden Object Scene, CLICK on the ADVENTURES button or your TOWN HALL.
    2. From here, CLICK on a SCENE.
    3. Each time you play, it COSTS 10 ENERGY.
    4. To play, CLICK on hidden ITEMS to collect them. Each Scene has 12 hidden items.
    Q: How do I build my town?
    1. CLICK the BUILD button.
    2. SELECT a building.
    3. PLACE it!
    Q: How do I unlock more Hidden Object Scenes?
    1. Hidden Object Scenes cost APPEAL to unlock.
    2. Get APPEAL by PLACING more ATTRACTIONS, DECORATIONS, and ITEMS in your town!
    Q: What are Quests?

    The Townspeople of Seaside will ask you for help.
    1. CLICK on the Quest Icon.
    2. COMPLETE the Quest Tasks.
    3. EARN Rewards!
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    Q: How do I unlock Landmarks?

    You unlock Landmarks by COMPLETING all of that Chapter's QUESTS. Completing Hidden Object Scenes do NOT unlock Landmarks.
    Q: What is Gold used for?

    Gold is the Premium Currency, used to get EXCLUSIVE ITEMS, skip Quests, and unlock other content early! Gold can be purchased at any time in the in-game Store!
    Q: How do I expand my land?
    1. CLICK on an EMPTY plot of land.
    2. Have enough SILVER & DEEDS.
    3. CLICK Expand!
    Q: How do I get more Energy?
    1. BUY more Energy with GOLD!
    2. VISIT your Neighbor for free Energy!
    3. USE Energy Gifts from Neighbors!
    4. WAIT for your Energy to RECHARGE!

    Q: How do I visit Neighbors?
    1. CLICK on your Neighbor's icon!

    Q: How do I get more Neighbors?
    1. Visit the Seaside Hideaway Neighborhood.
    2. Invite your Facebook Friends!
    OR post in the Admiral's Club in the Forum for Neighbors!

    Troubled Town Event

    Q: What is the Troubled Town Event?

    The Troubled Town Event is a new feature in Seaside!
    1. Other towns have become damaged in a storm!
    2. It's up to YOU and your NEIGHBORS to REPAIR the towns!
    3. PLAY Hidden Object Scenes to ACCESS the damaged towns!
    4. WIN EXCLUSIVE prizes by completing towns!

    Q: How do I repair a Troubled Town?
    1. CLICK on a damaged building.
    2. SPEND Pearls to REPAIR the building.
    3. Repair ALL buildings in a town to win!


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      Q: Where do I get Pearls?
      1. Pearls are HIDDEN in Hidden Object Scenes.
      2. Pearls can be BOUGHT in the Shop!
      3. USE the BUBBLE TOOL to add more Pearls in a Scene to find!
      Q: How do I find more Troubled Towns to repair?
      1. PLAYING regular Hidden Object Scenes will trigger new ones!
      2. JOIN a Neighbor's Game!

      Q: What happens if a Troubled Town runs out of time?
      1. You won't win any big awards.
      2. Don't worry! You can always play that town again!

      Q: What are Upgrades?
      1. Upgrades make Damaged Buildings CHEAPER to repair!
      2. CLICK on the Upgrade Button.
      3. PURCHASE the upgrade.
      4. That upgrade is now ACTIVE in the town.
      Q: Why won't my game load?
      1. Refresh your Browser.
      2. Clear your Browser's Cache.
      3. Check that your Web Browser is up to date.
      4. Check that your Flash is up to date here.
      5. Contact Support!

      Q: What if you didn't answer my Question?

      If you still need help, Contact us at "" OR ask us in the Support section of the Forum!. Please include details about what problem you are having. We are happy to help!